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it was 4,5,…6 years ago, i was in elementary school . i don’t know but at the time i was very very mushy, and that is very different like how i am now.

i almost forget to tell you that it is my first vent post, yeah,, it is the risk of unstable  males teenage -_- because if i try to confide it to the female colleagues they also has unstable personality even more unstable, if i confide it to my male colleagues i’m afraid to be called as homo or maho person -“-, that’s a problem i think. so i only can confide it all to my parents or write it in my blog. my problem is i still can’t forget time period of my elementary school, moreover when i found these things in my alqur’an i even don’t really remember that i’ve ever put it.001

but finally as a strong man i can solve my own problem .

hahaha gj sih, wkwkwk yang  jelas lagi kehabisan akal buat ngepost -_- b.inggrisnya samburadul maklum

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